A new musical project by Alexis and some friends is in the works. Times are changing. This whole website is outta here. I am sick of this orange shag! Stay tuned for a new collection of songs.
In the meantime, you can listen these old songs & even buy a CD. Do people still do that?

Stockholm Effect (from the 2010 &records release ELLIPSIS)

Escape Hatch (from the 2002 Grenadine Records release IN ABULIA)

Waiting for the Bastard to Come Pick Up His Shit (from the mini-CD MUSIC FOR BREAKUPS)

ELLIPSIS (2010) Sweet and creepy “glitch-torch” featuring a bunch of very talented and sexy Montreal musicians. Bernard Falaise, Alexandre Saint-Onge,

In Abulia (2002)BUY NOW!

Music for Breakups mini-CD (2003) BUY NOW!

Suck Machine mini-CD (2004) BUY NOW!

Dew Op mini-CD (2005) BUY NOW!

Le Suck Machine (A. O’Hara + Jon Asencio) (2006)BUY NOW!

Trout vs Eagle (includes remixes by Poirier & Benoit le Gentil Panda) (2007) BUY NOW!