LA COUVÉE – an immersive audio-visual experience from inside a giant egg sac.

In her life span as a fertile woman, Alexis O’Hara will have produced roughly 438 eggs. Not a one has, or will, become offspring. Experimentations in macro-izing the egg/egg-sac are ongoing. In certain incarnations of the installation, the audience member is passive, surrounded by eggs that pulse in time with sounds. In others, the voice of the audience member activates the eggs. One incarnation saw the eggs enveloped by a giant (20′ high) inflatable fallopian tube. No matter the individual manifestation, experience recalls a booming, pulsating meditation on the lifecycles of mortals, aliens, and gods, and a visceral and contemporary interpretation of the commodification of women’s fertility.

This project was developed with the help of Stefan Schneider, Radwan Moumneh, Patrick Fontaine, many volunteer papier-maché and crochet artists and via micro-residencies at STUDROCÉE, 24 Gauche , the parking lot party at Hotel 2 Tango, a residency/presentation at the HTMlles festival in cooperation with STUDIO XX and OBORO and a residency at in Quebec City. Recent versions of LA COUVÉE were presented at MOIS MULTI in Quebec City, Winter 2015 and as part of Galerie La Centrale‘s Powerhouse Prize exhibition in the fall of 2016.