SUBJECT TO CHANGE (2005 – 2006)

What is it?
Good question.
Is it?
Not really. I’ve heard it before.
Then, why did you say so?
I want to encourage you.

A question box is installed in a public place for a few days. Passers-by are invited to press the button and use their 15 seconds to record a question, any question. These audio samples are then chopped up and used in a live performance. A dress adorned with copper midi connectors serves as a controller to play back the samples, serving as triggers for spontaneous ‘songs’ that serve as ‘answers’ to the questions. The electrified body of the woman-provider serves as the font for all answers. The work pokes fun at our increasing reliance on the internet for information gathering & the erosion of personal responsibility in western society. The self-aggrandizing trappings of the artist’s identity is examined through the absurd characterization of an all-knowing seer whose philosophy is administered in the form of pop songs.

This performance was created as a commission from The National Review of Live Art (Glasgow, 2005). Subsequent presentations took place at The National Review of Live Art Midlands (Perth, Australia, 2005), Santa Fe Arts Collective (Los Angeles, 2005) and Send + Receive (Winnipeg, 2006).