Euro Igloo Take Two

I am in Maubeuge, France, with my technician/friend Antonin Sorel. We are here in this tiny town (so tiny I had trouble buying a needle & thread yesterday!) to mount SQUEEEEQUE – L’igloo improbable for the Via Festival.

I arrived in Berlin on Friday and, with the help of new friend/amazing videographer Nat Fowler, tore down the igloo at the Esemplasticism show. It’s much quicker coming down than going up! Antonin had been in Paris, he took a train to Maubeuge, rented a truck and drove to Berlin. The next day we loaded up the truck and took off, right into the storm named Xynthia for a harrowing and sometimes really annoying (2 hours bumper to bumper outside of Cologne) 10 hour trip to Maubeuge. I’m happy to report that all the other gigs for the igloo are within 3 hours driving distance from where we are now.

Today, Anto will finish the construction and I’ll start wiring. I have three amps this time, and will be attempting to hook up more speakers than in Berlin. The group show is called Dancing Machines and will be travelling to Creteil (a suburb of Paris) in two weeks and Lille in the summer. There are so many amazing works of media art in this show. I’m very excited to be part of it!


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