final mixes…

It’s been a loooooong time coming. Some of the tracks on this album were recorded four years ago! What can I say, that’s the way it is when you’re a busy polydisciplinarianist. Also: finishing stuff is hard. I love the creation process, love performing, travelling, improvising. But the whole putting-a-cap-on-it-and-calling-it-done part? Ugh.

I’m headed back to that little neighbourhood joint Hotel 2 Tango under the strict taskmastering of Radwan Moumneh. The plan is to be done like dinner by May 26th.

I’m in extremely casual discussion with a local label who will release the first run.

I can’t say I’m excited about what comes after the release. Promo? Distribution? Trying to get reviews? But I will be happy to have something new to sell at gigs. The old ‘Vintage Merch’ joke is getting tired.

What’s it called, you ask? SESQUIPEDALIA


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