I am not a drag queen

I noticed it a few years ago. Whenever I engaged in the dubious activity of googling myself, I’d invariably run across another Alexis O’Hara. This Alexis O’Hara was decidedly more flamboyant that I.

Check her out on YouTube.

I ended up writing to her, curious to find out how she chose her name. Her reply was sweet. “Oh my, it’s the REAL Alexis O’Hara.” She had not, as I vainly imagined, stolen my name after having seen my name on a poster for an illustrious gig in Columbus, Ohio. She’d simply mashed the names of her two favorite divas, Alexis Carrington (Colby, Dexter, Rowan…) and Scarlett O’Hara.

So I did not issue a cease-and-desist, I fear there may be enough competition in my dear namesake’s community. She has to contend with an up-and-comer named Alexies, a Lexi Love and a sister-from-another-mother called Akasha O’Hara.

All I know is that I had better get active on YouTube, the other Alexis O’Hara has my videos outnumbered.


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