On November 15th, I presented the work-in-progress, LA COUVÉE, at OBORO as part of Studio xx’s festival Les HTMlles .

LA COUVÉE (roughly, “the brood”, although the french word also evokes the act of sitting on eggs until the hatching, the female egg that is about to hatch & the notion of being protected) is an immersive audio visual experience with the spectator seated (or lying down!) inside a giant, pulsing egg sac. The quadrophonic soundscape takes the listener from the viscous interior womb to the hatching of the egg and an ascension into worlds unknown. The text touches on Greek goddess of the harvest Demeter’s reaction to her daughter’s abduction by Hades (spoiler: she wasn’t happy)and the commodification of women’s fertility.

The setup was a bit hectic. Three days to install 30 paper globes fitted with LEDs and nearly 800 white balloons. Halfway through, I would have gladly lowered everything by 2 feet but alas, that was not an option.

There were three performances with intimate audiences. I look forward to developing this piece with greater resources attributed to the mechanics of the eggs. kinetics please!

You can watch a video with some excerpts of the 30 minute performance here.

Great thanks to my installation assistants, Emily Paige, Stephen Lawson, Paul Patrick Charbonneau, Jacqueline Van De Geer and the amazing team at Oboro especially Aaron Pollard, Stéphane Claude and Claudine Hubert.


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